Exploring Germany on Foot: Dos and Don’ts in Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main
Have you planned a trip to Frankfurt am Main this year? No matter if you are going to stay there a couple of days or a few weeks, you want to be prepared for what is coming. And nothing will get you ready for this visit like the tips provided by a person who’s already been there. Me. Down below, I will share with you my dos and don’ts on how to make your stay in Germany even more pleasant.


Let’s kick off this guide with a list of things you ought to do when visiting Frankfurt. But before I get this started, I need you to know that I visited this lovely city last year, accompanied by my family, spending an entire week there.

+Dress for the Season

First things first, the temperature there changes quickly. One minute you are freezing, next you are hot. Plus, the wind can make it a lot more complicated. In other words, you need to be prepared for whatever the weather has in store for you. Now, my family and I took that trip to Germany in early May. Although spring was already upon us, there were not many signs of the weather warming up in the country of Bratwurst and beer. I was wearing a short-sleeve top since I handle cold a lot better than I do heat. But thank God, I also had my spring coat on hand. I found myself constantly taking it on and off, but trust me when I say I didn’t regret having it with me at all times.

+Mind Cyclists

It is fair to say that Germany loves cyclists. In fact, Germany puts cyclists on a pedestal. I think this should be the norm in more countries around the world. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it promotes health and lets you go to any location quickly, without having to be stuck in traffic forever. Plus, Frankfurt public transport allows cyclists onboard. A way to go. But that also means cyclists are everywhere. Keep that in mind when walking the streets.

+Remember that Sunday is a Day off

Now, the majority of stores in Germany, and Frankfurt in particular, are closed on Sundays. That means if you have a sweet tooth, you should stock up on store-bought desserts in advance. Of course, kiosks and restaurants are open every day. But just remember that if you need to do some heavy shopping and it happens to be a lazy Sunday, you will have to wait till Monday.

+Set Aside a Couple of Days for the Zoo

My family and I spent there the whole day and still couldn’t see all of it. It’s like a huge maze. There are all kinds of animals from all continents. You can see apes, rhinos, snakes, lions, crocodiles, penguins, camels, to name a few. Also, did you know that this place is notorious for its impressive variety of monkey species? It is definitely worth a visit. But you should keep in mind that you will need to dedicate a whole day or two to exploring this natural oasis.

+Take a Boat Trip

After a few days of wandering around the streets you may also consider going on a trip along the river Main. Take a chance on one of the daily panorama cruises to discover the city’s treasures by boat. The whole experience takes about an hour and costs around a tenner.

Frankfurt boat trip

+Try Frankfurt Green Sauce and Apple Wine

You know what they say: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. I’d also say, when in Frankfurt, eat what the locals eat. If you get the opportunity to visit Old Sachsenhausen, have a go at the most popular delicacy in the city: the green sauce (Grüne Soße). It is so popular that they even host a special seven-day festival in its name. It is made of a bunch of different herbs such as chives, parsley, borage, sorrel and cress, and offered at local restaurants.

Another thing to try when visiting Germany is the apple wine (Apfelwein). It happens to be the most popular beverage in the city, which is also celebrated with a festival once a year.

+Take a Tour around the Airport

If you think that the Frankfurt Airport or Flughafen only serves to assist passengers to and from the city, you are wrong. It’s another thing to put on your list of must-see tourist attractions. Why? Because of its wonderful terrace which provides a view of the bustling activity in Terminal 2. It’s open on the daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. And you can even celebrate your birthday there. Don’t miss it.

+Avail of Transport Group Tickets

If you are visiting Germany accompanied by a few friends and you plan to use public transport, make sure to take advantage of the special tickets available for groups and families. You can get daily, weekly and return tickets, and travel as much as you want. So convenient and cost-effective.


Before this post comes to a close, I’d like to let you in on the things you should not do when visiting Frankfurt, Germany.

-Do not Use the Bike Lane

I mentioned earlier that the cycling culture in Germany is well preserved. So it goes without saying that you shouldn’t stroll in the bike lane. Yet, sometimes it can be frustrating, especially when you are walking on a street where the bike lane has been taken over by an ongoing street and sidewalk repair. In that case, pedestrians and cyclists share the same part of the sidewalk. Thus, you need to be constantly aware that a person with a bike might fly at you any minute. Good thing is, they usually ring a bell in advance to let you know they are getting closer. Some even utter “Danke” when you move away so they could get past you.

-Don’t Feed the Geese

goose, Frankfurt

Although it’s common practice, feeding the geese in Frankfurt is not allowed or— shall I say—particularly discouraged. There are a few reasons why you should think twice before you throw crumbs on the ground for our feathered friends to eat. The most important is, human food has no nutritional value. According to ornithologists, salt and other ingredients in processed foods interfere with the metabolism of birds resulting in health issues like the so-called angel wing deformity. (This is a condition in which one of the joints in the wings twists outward, affecting their ability to fly.) So, feeding ducks, geese and other birds with human food is generally a big no-no.


Before we part ways, let’s go over the tips one more time:

  • Prior to visiting Germany, make sure you pack garments that will keep you warm at all times
  • Allow enough time for the zoo
  • Take a chance on a river cruise
  • Steer clear of the bike lane unless you are a cyclist
  • Try the local food
  • Do some sightseeing at the airport
  • Make use of group and family tickets when using the transport
  • Never feed the geese

May you have a wonderful time visiting this amazing city in Germany!

So, can you add more tips? Do you have any advice for people who would like to visit Frankfurt? Share it in the comments section.


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