The Importance of Content: 4 Reasons Your Website Needs Good Content

Content is important

One crucial mistake you can make when building your online presence is underestimating the importance of content. If you put a lot of effort and thought into the process, it will catapult your company’s success in various ways all at once. However, if you neglect it, it will negatively impact your search engine rankings, not to mention consumers’ buying behavior. Not convinced yet? Here is why content matters.

#1 Quality content that creates value for your audience positions you as an expert in the field and increases your authority.

This, in turn, will help build credibility and trust with visitors, making them into customers. It doesn’t take a scientist to know that your sales will skyrocket when people have a solid reason to hold on to you for life.

That being said, you should always do your best to give clients the unvarnished truth. Do not misinterpret the benefits, advantages, and features of your product. When people start to see right through your game, you will find yourself walking down oblivion lane. Not cool.

And yet! Choose your truths carefully. You don’t have to reveal everything about your service or yourself, for that matter. The key is to know how much to tell and when, and to do it in short bursts.

#2 You will build relationships with your audience; and the more, the merrier.

Remember point #1. When you start sharing good website content regarding your business and/or products, you can use that to build long-lasting relationship with your customers. Allow readers to spark conversations under your posts, communicate with them through as many channels as possible. More importantly, listen to their needs, woes or whatever feedback they toss at you. Then, use this to make your content and products even better. Your clients will appreciate it.

#3 Frequently publishing and updating content on your website will help boost its SEO score.

If you’ve got a business that you plan to move online or you have already established your web presence, you‘ll want search engines to be able to find you. If they don’t know you exist, then chances are customers won’t either. It’s simple as that.

Periodically publishing new posts will make your site recent in the eyes of search engines (and will trigger frequent indexing). See, the latter sort through hundreds of thousands of pages on the daily to find the best content and rank it on top of their search for users to see. If you make it to the top, more people will be able to get their hands on your amazing website and services. If you don’t, you’ll watch someone else steal your potential customers.

Now, let me ask you a question (no cheating, please): how often do you check out page two of your Google search results? Or how often do you go to page three, four, five, etc.? My guess is, almost never. The truth is, we want information and we want it fast. We rarely have the patience to dig into a sea of websites; hence we stick with the first few results that come up. Guess what? Your audience is no different.

Importance of content - SEO

#4 Good website content will develop interest and desire, resulting in more sales.

Here is the thing, your buyer persona wants things. If he or she didn’t, you wouldn’t be running a business that sells stuff to people. In your content, you have to explain how your product or service meets those needs. And if you’re successful, they will be more likely to buy from you.

How do you do that?

Talk about features, sell benefits.

You will probably feel inclined to share how much pain you’ve been through before finally making that business work. Or how many sleepless nights you spent, banging your head against a wall. Or that you had to get by with little income landing in your wallet for months. But let me stop you right there.

I am sorry to break it to you, but people don’t care that you started your business in 1985. They don’t want to hear about the countless obstacles you’ve had to remove out of the way to get to where you are today.

What people are dying to know is how your product will make their lives easier, save them some greenbacks, solve their problems or relieve their pain.

Yes, you’ve had a heck of a battle and you earned the right to be at the top of your game.

But… If you want to have customers line up at your website, you have to make this about them. Put them in the main role, make them feel like the protagonist of an amazing story where they end up saving the day.

So, focus on benefits because this is what really matters to your clients, and everything that is essential to them is also essential to you. Make this your priority.

Bottom Line

All these points, my friends, translate into more sales.

At the end of the day, isn’t this what you want?

One last thing here, though: do not think it’s that easy. You can’t just publish anything on your website, thinking it will automatically convert. If that were the case, content writers and copywriters wouldn’t exist.

You have to show your readers, a.k.a. potential clients, that you care. That it’s not only their money you are after.

But you are not a content creator. You’re a teacher selling courses, a glass maker who wants to spread the word about their business, a web designer who promotes art, a travel agency that sells dreams rather than trips, etc.

And you aspire to articulate the right message to your audience.

Let me handle this one for you. I can create the content for your website to help establish your online presence, build trust with your customers, and increase your authority.

Contact me right away so we can discuss this opportunity.

And before I go, what are your thoughts on the importance of content? Do you agree or disagree with the above points? Why? I’ll be happy to hear your two cents.

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