If You Don’t Read This Now, You’ll Regret It Later

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What makes somebody engage with your website?

Is it the design? It surely plays a role, but it’s not the main reason why people click on your pages.

Yes, they may be interested in the product you have on offer, but what they care about the most is VALUE. Or how they will benefit from spending time on your site, or using your product for that matter. Replace these two with <blog, online course or [fill in the blank]> and the above fact will still apply.

Now, what is one way to provide value to your clients in addition to a splendiferous product?


Bingo! But it’s not about giving a monotonous description of the service in question. It’s about painstaking, enthralling tips and advice that help users in some way rather than leave a bitter-sweet taste in their mouths.

Some may think that anyone with a computer and Internet connection can craft a masterpiece that will send traffic to your site.

Content creation is not rocket science. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t need certain skills and knowledge to produce a captivating, enriching and refreshing story that will trigger clicks and shares galore.

And here is what. Creating quality content is a lengthy process.

First off, the topic needs to be researched thoroughly. Sifting through heaps of information, reading on and on, you get lost in an ocean of facts. To say that research is fun is a straight up lie. At least I don’t know anybody that derives pleasure from it. (If you happen to be one, feel free to give me a shout out.) Yet, it plays a role in the creation of credible, fact-checked articles that breathe authority.

Next up, it’s time to come up with the article structure. What will the main points be? How many subheadings? Also, this is where you should take that extra time to compose the headline.

Think of it like a store window, displaying a few visually appealing and attention-grabbing items, whose purpose is to attract you to the shop. Or better yet, think of it like a ripe cherry with its vivid red color, or plump and juicy appearance, that screams “EAT ME!” The main goal of the headline is to get you to click on the article and read further. Enter the store to get some clothing. Or pick and indulge in that cherry. If it doesn’t serve its purpose, you will navigate away someplace else in search of content that is so gratifyingly fulfilling that you just can’t help but stick with.

But I shall not go into more detail about headlines. Let’s move on to the third step of the content creation process. Once you’re armed with all the necessary details, writing can begin. It usually takes less time to scribble down the text than to edit it. Now, size matters. But what matters the most is what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. The style of writing will dictate how the audience perceives your service.

There is a fine line between “makes sense” and “nonsense.”

When you finish writing your story, you need to read it thoroughly, correcting mistakes or otherwise modifying it so that it is readable, understandable and coherent. Research and editing take about 70% of the process, but without them your work will simply be a pile of gibberish that no one will want to read.

Here is one last thing to consider before tasking someone with writing content for you.

Well-researched, quality articles come with a price. Literally and figuratively. If you are not ready to invest extra greenbacks in your product, you should prepare to face the consequences of your choices.

See, you need to decide between quantity and quality. The thing is, you can’t have both. And if anyone tells you otherwise, you should question their expertise in the field.

So, what’s your take on this? Would you rather pay for an in-depth piece of writing or waste your money on hastily composed content that is fraught with inaccuracies and typos?

Now, If you voted for captivating, high-converting content, drop me a line. I will be glad to give you a hand with this. Reach out to me so we can start a conversation.

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