Hi! I’m Marina Georgieva. Thanks for stopping by.

I'm a content creator. Translated: I like putting together articles on different topics. To me, words are just words if you place them haphazardly on a piece of paper but when you arrange them to convey the meaning you are after, they become a powerful tool.

But let me tell you more about me and how it all started.

I was born in a small town in Bulgaria three decades ago. My homeland is a beauty. We have it all: long curvy rivers, breathtaking mountains, refreshing springs, fascinating plains, and breezy seaside. As you can imagine, this comes packed with the best views and all four seasons.

Fast forward to 2012, I graduated from university with a major in English Studies. For a year, I struggled to land a job or would start one after another only to find out it wasn't for me. Truth be told, I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living. A job occupies lots of your time, so it has to be something you like. Then in 2013, just as summer was rolling around, I came across this job opening for a content writer. At that point, I wasn't really sure what a person with that occupation does, but I was willing to give it a try. The position was part-time.

Believe it or not, my first few assignments were all about cancer treatments and therapies. It wasn't quite like the topic I'd expected. And since I was still new to this, it took me ages to write the first article. But I eventually did. And then a bunch of other texts followed up.

I kept doing that for three months or so. Soon summer was taken over by the cooler and softer days of fall. It was then that I started working full-time as a content writer. But it wasn't the same company anymore. I traded the cancer treatment articles for stuff like housekeeping, home décor, cooking, and pet care, to name a few. It was hard to believe that I got paid to write about the intricacies of Christmas cookies or how to clean a microwave. I didn't consider it a job since it was fun and interesting, and it still paid the bills.

1,478,944 articles later, my passion for writing still hasn't subsided. To be completely honest, sometimes  this fact has me taken aback, considering how quickly I move from hobby to hobby. Being Gemini, I get bored too easily. (I like to attribute all my bad traits, which aren't many, to my zodiac sign.) I didn't think something would keep me interested for so long.

Be it as it may, I didn't get credit for the stuff I created. See, when they publish your articles, they don't usually put your name at the beginning (or at the end for that matter). So I decided it was finally time to have my very own space on the web. A place where I could write whatever I wanted for everyone to see and that would have my name on it. And this is how this blog came to life.

Throughout this time, I have continued to up my skills and knowledge. In 2019, I attended several conferences, including WordCamp Plovdiv (a WordPress networking event) and Digital4Plovdiv (one of the biggest events for digital marketing in Bulgaria).

Here I am, ready for more writing adventures, and I hope you discover a bit of my passion in every word.

To be continued...