Published Works

Below is a list of articles written by me that got published online.

My Post for Travelista Club

Veliko Tarnovo article preview
So, the first one is an article about the city where I live. It’s called Veliko Tarnovo and it is situated in Bulgaria—a country in southeastern Europe. In case you don’t know, this place is magnificent! It was even depicted as “the city of hanging gardens” by Felix J. Koch who worked for National Geographic back in 1907. My post reveals how Tarnovo looks today, a whole century later, and what places you should visit when exploring its beautiful nooks and crannies.

More about VT you can read here or by clicking on the above photo.

My Article for Huffington Post

Last year, I had the chance to become a part of the Huff Post’s blogging community and came up with this very personal post about a medical condition that I have.

Huff Post article preview
Follow the link above or click on the photo to view the article. And if you want to know more about my surgery, take a look at this page.