How to Effectively Plan and Design Your Small Bathroom

how to plan and design your small bathroom

Only a few people can afford to have large bathrooms. The rest of us need to be more creative when it comes to designing tight spaces. If you too are faced with the challenge of designing a small bathroom, come have a look at these tips and tricks I have put together for you.

Make use of the space above the toilet. Interestingly, most of the time the space above the toilet gets wasted. If you have to make do with a really small bathroom, every square inch matters. Go with attaching a few shelves above your toilet. Feel free to place extra toilet paper rolls, towels and just about anything that you want.

Make use of vertical space. Install shelves so that you can store your bathroom stuff. Hang a shoe organizer over the door where you can keep your shampoos, body lotion, loofahs and other accessories. Choose cabinets that go over the ceiling. That way you can store more stuff without your cabinets taking up too much horizontal space that you are going to need for your toilet and other things.

Skip the bath tub. If your bathroom is small, you can hardly fit a bath tub in. It will take too much useful space, plus it will increase your bills because you will have to use the shower too in order to rinse the soap off your body. Go with a shower cabin or, even better, shower curtain. Shower curtains are notorious for saving space. You can move them back and forth and they don’t need to be pushed in and out in order to open.

Place a large basket/box under the sink to maximize storage space. Hide all the stuff that doesn’t need to be out on display like hand towels, face cloths, contact solution, hair dryer, shower supplies, cleaning products and even your first-aid kit.

Use a caddy or a Lazy Susan. It allows easy access to your stuff, be it bottles of cleaners or food components. In addition, it’s functional, useful and appealing. It’s very easy to organize your supplies. Lazy Susans are especially useful for blind corners. In a small bathroom, they can serve a great purpose.

Stick with the basics. A bathroom doesn’t need that much stuff. Stick with a toilet, shower, sink and cabinet. If your bathroom is so small it doesn’t have enough horizontal space for a cabinet, install a small cabinet above the sink or toilet.

Use round cabinets. Using rectangular cabinets with sharp corners in a tight bathroom is very risky. To make your bathroom more human-friendly, opt for round cabinets or vanity. It’s the best thing to do if you bruise easily. It also looks sleek and beautiful, not to mention it’s safe for your kids.

Fit a corner sink. Sometimes a sink can take up too much space and obstruct traffic flow. In that case, installing a corner sink is a much better option. Make sure to place it across from the toilet.

Add a large mirror. As you know, mirrors can make a room visually bigger. In a small bathroom, a large mirror stretched across the entire wall will trick the eyes into seeing more space than there actually is. It’s best to use one large item instead of a few small mirrors.

Mount your faucet on the wall. One reason why sinks are so big is because they have faucets. However, if the faucets are mounted on the wall, you can stick with a narrow sink. Unless you need a huge sink, which you can’t afford to have in a tight space anyway, this is the best way to go. It will free up more space and won’t make your bathroom look overcrowded.

And finally, make sure to store only items that have a purpose so you can keep the place neat and presentable. As you can see, even a tiny bathroom can be storage-friendly, functional and beautiful.

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